Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay


DATE READ: January 2010

NOTES: Although I am not especially a fan of Peter Kay this book was recommended to me as a great “aeroplane read”. So with a long flight ahead of me I packed it in my hand luggage. It did not disappoint. It is jokey throughout – this is a bit wearing at times but there were some genuinely funny lines. There is probably a layer of truth among the outlandish tales. I loved his names for the nuns: Sister Matic, Sister Act II, Sister Sledge, etc.

He tells of his many rubbish jobs – in a loo roll factory, bingo hall, cinema usher, garage hand. He was obviously far from being an ideal employee! His affection for his family shines through – good to hear from someone with a happy childhood!

An unchallenging fun read. I left it on my travels and hope that someone else picked it up and enjoyed it…..