Wednesday, 28 February 2007


AUTHOR: Cecelia Ahern


DATE READ: February 2007

NOTES: Since a childhood schoolmate went missing twenty years ago Sandy Shortt has been obsessed with missing people and missing objects – to the point of obsessive compulsive disorder. After leaving the police force she sets up an agency to seek out missing persons for others. While travelling to meet the brother of a young man who disappeared a year ago she finds herself in a mysterious world inhabited by “lost” people and objects.

Will she find her way back home? Will Jack, who is determined to find her, succeed? Quite frankly, I didn’t care where she ended up or what happened to any of the characters. I only kept reading because I thought there may be some actual rational explanation for what was happening. I should have known better. What a load of tosh.

Could the time I have lost reading this nonsense ever be found again?

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