Saturday, 16 June 2007


AUTHOR: David Mitchell


DATE READ: June 2007

NOTES: A very impressive story of teenager coming to terms with the world around him in the 1980s. The story tells of the thirteen months of Jason’s life between childhood and adolescence – the stammering, the bullies, the family strife, the Falklands War and the diverse and strange characters living in his village. As a sensitive, intelligent boy Jason has to make his way in life through a maze of dangers – knowing which boys to avoid, not using the wrong words, wearing the right clothes, not letting anyone know he writes poetry etc. The whole story is laden with cultural and historical references: Curly Whirlies, Thatcherism, Gotcha and ZX Spectrums.

An authentic narrative voice is in turns funny, perceptive and moving. In parts it is desperately sad (even though Jason expresses no self pity) but is ultimately positive and uplifting. Beautifully constructed novel and exuberant language.

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