Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Girl of His Dreams by Donna Leon

DATE PUBLISHED: 2007 DATE READ: July 2009 (audiobook) NOTES: Another Commisario Brunetti story set in Venice. Donna Leon continues to bring Venice alive to the reader – and shows us not just the parts beloved by visitors but also its dark underbelly. The Brunetti family come over as real characters and play an important part in the story. A young Roma girl is found drowned in the canal and Brunetti is soon convinced that it was no accident. But no-one seems to care about her fate – not even her family. (The lack of concern from her family was the only false note.) But Brunetti refuses to let the case die and is determined to find the truth. There is a certain realism about the way the story unfolds. He faces lots of frustrations in the investigation but no big chases or shoot-outs or violent confrontations. The ending is somewhat low key and I can understand that some readers (but not this one) felt a bit cheated. A good light enjoyable read.

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