Tuesday, 15 January 2008


AUTHOR: Cormac McCarthy


DATE READ: January 2008

NOTES: There is very little plot-line in The Road. A man and a boy are heading south in post-apocalyptic America. They are cold, hungry and frightened as they move slowly through a devastated landscape. Most of the remaining people left alive seem to have resorted to cannibalism and robbery and have to be avoided at all costs.

It is a bleak and depressing picture of the future - only redeemed by the love the man and the boy have for one another. The boy (who has no name) evolves into a generous and forgiving quasi-religious figure and we are given a redemptive ending.

The language is poetic without a single superfluous word or phrase. However I had to check on words I had never heard before eg kerfs, travois, bindle (yes, it’s like a bundle!), salitter (look it up, it’s really interesting), crozzled, loess.

Convincing, shocking and harrowing – a modern day classic.

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