Wednesday, 9 January 2008


AUTHOR: Patrick Gale


DATE READ: January 2008

NOTES: Another great read from Patrick Gale. A Sweet Obscurity is a tale of disparate adults all with their own needs and hope. Some are living in London and some in Cornwall – we know that somehow their lives will overlap and so we are compelled to read on…… At the heart of the book is Dido, a feisty nine year old who at times acts as parent to her stepmother/biological aunt Eliza. We know that there is some mystery about Dido’s mother but we are kept in suspense until the very end. The plotting is ingeniously worked out and the whole work is a very satisfying read with a “feel good” ending.

I can understand why Gale has such a firm fan base even though he will never feature in the more prestigious literary prize lists.

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