Saturday, 6 September 2008

TITLE: THE NAMING OF THE DEAD AUTHOR: Ian Rankin DATE PUBLISHED: 2006 DATE READ: September 2008 NOTES: This Rebus story is set in the week covering the G8 meeting at Gleneagles. Rebus and Siobhan realise that a recently murdered rapist may be only one victim of a serial killer. Meanwhile at Edinburgh Castle a SMP falls to his death. Suicide, accident or murder? Rebus is thwarted in trying to find the truth by Special when he begins to see links with the SMP and an arms dealer. A convoluted plot involving revenge, political intrigue and murder but Rankin keeps the whole thing going with great pace and verve. The background atmosphere of the G8 conference is brilliantly portrayed – the marches, the riots, the concerts, the anarchists, the egotistical pop stars and the well-guarded politicos. The London bombings were particularly well integrated and meshed into the story in a believable way. Siobhan is given plenty to do – even leading her to make a few misjudged acts. Rebus is his usual cynical self and there is plenty of sparky dialogue. All the loose ends are more or less tied up at the end making this a satisfying read.

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