Sunday, 21 September 2008

TITLE: POINT TO POINT NAVIGATION AUTHOR: Gore Vidal DATE PUBLISHED: 2006 DATE READ: September 2008 NOTES: As a fan of Gore Vidal’s writing I was keen to read this second part of his autobiography. It is written in an unconventional style and moves back and forward in time with some chapters very short and others quite lengthy. This is a structure I found interesting. As expected he is gossipy, bitchy and pretty scathing about his perceived enemies. This is all great fun. His bits about films and actors were excellent, as were his forays into politics. But in parts he names and discusses strings of (American) writers many of which I had never heard. He continues to keep his private life just that and reveals very little about his partner Howard although he writes very movingly of his death. Vidal’s novel Creation remains one of my favourite books.

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